My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic UNO

Made by Evan Holloway
Based on UNO by Mattel and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by Hasbro.

Instructions to make cards

Print out the following pages (including this one if you want to have the instructions with you). Then cut out the cards as carefully as possible. They should all be as close to the same shape and size as possible. (It might be hard for the white cards but you can use a card of another color to compare.) Also note that depending on the type of paper you print on, the cards may be see-through in bright light. If this is the case, players should take extra care to make sure the others players can’t see their cards.

Instructions to play game

The total number of cards is 125. Number of players is 2 or more. Use these rules or create your own.

The cards should be well shuffled and 7 dealt to each player. The rest of the cards should be placed face down and one should be placed face up by itself. The face down pile is the draw pile and the face up card starts the playing pile.

Starting with the first face-up card, the player to the left of the dealer should choose one of their cards that match either the color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white) or the number of the card on the playing pile. Then they place their card down on top and the next player (clockwise) continues trying to match the color or the number of the previous player’s card.

If a player cannot play a card then they should draw one and their turn ends.

If a player chooses a card that matches both the color AND the number of the card (and the image) on the playing pile, then the next player should draw a card from the draw pile before taking their turn.

Players may use a “WILD” card and ask the next player to use a card of a certain color (or number). The next player may override that wild with their own wild or if they cannot find a card of that color or number then they draw a card and pass. The next player has the same options.

Players may use a “SKIP” card to make the next player skip their turn. Afterwards, either another skip card or a card of the same color should be played.

Players do not need to say “Uno!” when they have only one card left in their hand. However, if your group decides to change this rule, then maybe you should choose another more unique word.

There are three very rare and special cards “Chaos”, “Magic”, and “Donate.” Each of them has instructions on the front on how to use them.

The first player to rid themselves of all their cards wins. But the other players may continue playing for second place etc.