The Legend of


The Legend of Toontown, Book 1


The cogs had invaded Toontown for fifteen years. Then one day several toons decided to go on an exciting quest to find out how they originated. Unfortunately, they encounter problems that they never would have expected. It turns out the fate of the entire world lies in their hands.

Third edition.


Chapter 1: The Beginning
Chapter 2: Beyond the Boundaries
Chapter 3: The Palace
Chapter 4: To the West
Chapter 5: The Forest
Chapter 6: Getting Help
Chapter 7: Desert Dilemma
Chapter 8: Trespassing
Chapter 9: A Whole New World
Chapter 10: No Turning Back
Chapter 11: The Great City
Chapter 12: Reluctant Flunkies
Chapter 13: The New Home
Chapter 14: Headquarters
Chapter 15: The Office
Chapter 16: A Cog's Work
Chapter 17: You Got Mail
Chapter 18: Feeling Alone
Chapter 19: The Meeting
Chapter 20: A Story of Four Cogs
Chapter 21: Black Suits
Chapter 22: The Invitation
Chapter 23: A New Boss
Chapter 24: Dust and Depression
Chapter 25: A Catastrophic Ceremony
Chapter 26: A Storm Approaching
Chapter 27: The Golden Gear
Chapter 28: The Prisoner's Tale
Chapter 29: Above The Clouds
Chapter 30: New Plans
Chapter 31: Behind the Door
Chapter 32: Top Secret
Chapter 33: The President
Chapter 34: Vengeance
Chapter 35: Gears
Chapter 36: Fifteen Years Ago
Chapter 37: A Different World
Chapter 38: New Life

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