The Legend of


The Legend of Toontown, Book 2


The time for adventure is here again. This time the changed hero faces a new and mysterious threat very far away. He must find new friends and face bizarre challenges along the way to reach his goal. In the meantime, there could be an unexpected obstacle he needs to overcome, what lives within himself.

First edition


Chapter 1: Adventure is Born
Chapter 2: Rewind
Chapter 3: Oldman Island
Chapter 4: The Lost Slave
Chapter 5: Space
Chapter 6: Family Reunion
Chapter 7: Camping
Chapter 8: Protectors of the Night
Chapter 9: The Cave
Chapter 10: The Labyrinth
Chapter 11: Into the Dark
Chapter 12: Gray Rising
Chapter 13: The Book
Chapter 14: Off The Page
Chapter 15: New Friend
Chapter 16: War in the Park
Chapter 17: On Stranger Rides
Chapter 18: Man vs. Metal
Chapter 19: Doomed

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