The Legend of


Warning: This page contains major spoilers. Please do not read this until after you have read the book.

The purpose of this reference is to provide more detail to the events surrounding The Legend of Toontown. Although many of these events have been alluded to in the story, their timing and order may be vague. This timeline covers the years before the founding of Toontown until the conclusion of the story.

Due to the nature of the Tooniverse and the different worlds this story takes place in (including Earth), it is difficult to put all events in a chronological order with a consistent timescale. Events at one time and place may be more condensed than at other times and places. However, I hope this gives you, the reader, a better understanding of the history of this story.

All years are numbered relative to the start of the Cog Invasion with "BCI" referring to years “Before Cog Invasion” and "ACI" for years since. About five years pass in Toontown for every year that passes on Earth.

1928 AD
Walt Disney creates Mickey Mouse, and the pencil is lost.

1932 AD
"Toontown" is founded as a hidden neighborhood near the movie studios in Hollywood, California. Goofy, Donald Duck, and other famous toons are created around this time.

1946 AD
Fred Johnson begins working for Disney.

1947 AD
Roger Rabbit is framed for murder, Dip is introduced, and Judge Doom is destroyed. Toontown is forced to relocated to a new world in the Tooniverse, shut off from the outside world. This world begins at approximately 380 BCI.

379 BCI
Scrooge McDuck is created, among others.

353 BCI
Gyro Gearloose is created, among others.

337 BCI
Toons colonize the eastern continent and found the state of Calisota. Several cities sprout up, including Duckburg.

313 BCI
Harry Oldman is created, among others.

293 BCI
Toons build neighborhoods in the Central Toontown region, south of Calisota. Toontown Central becomes the new capital.

232 BCI
The Toontown economy suffers as demand for classic animation continues to decline.

196 BCI
The original Toontown City in the west is left abandoned as its remaining inhabitants move to the east.

175 BCI
A resurgence in animation creates new jobs for thousands of toons.

10 BCI
Feb. – Gary George Giddy-Gallop (Glue Stick) is born.

May – Gyro Gearloose encounters The Shadow.

Mar. – Gyro weds Melanie Mallard.

Nov. – "Kate" is born on her home planet.

Jan. – Evina Gearloose is born.
Aug. – The Shadow infects Melanie Mallard and destroys her; it then takes control of Gyro. Gyro flees Toontown, heading to the abandoned city on the western continent. Evina, although functionally a full-grown toon at this point, has his memories prior to this blocked.
Dec. – Cog Nation is founded in the western continent, and Cogtropolis is built where the old Toontown City had been. The cogs invade Toontown. Scrooge McDuck is taken hostage. A new calendar is created.

Jan. – Central Toontown closes its borders to outside neighborhoods. Gag shops and Toon HQs open.

Sep. – Doodles are discovered, and toons start adopting them as pets.

Jun. – The toons discover Sellbot Headquarters and attack the Vice President.

Jan. – The toons discover Cashbot Headquarters and attack the C.F.O.

Apr. – The toons discover Lawbot Headquarters and attack the Chief Justice.

13 ACI
May – Glue Stick is captured and taken to Cog Nation.

14 ACI
Feb. – The toons discover Bossbot Headquarters and attack the C.E.O.
Mar. – William Gears, the chairman of Cogs Inc., begins making plans for a massive strike against the toons.
Dec. – Lucius McKillden conspires with the leaders of Cog Nation to initiate Operation D.R. He teaches the cogs how to make Dip.

15 ACI
Sep. – Scrooge McDuck begins sending out his "help" messages.
Oct. – The events of Gears happen. Evina, Harry Oldman, and seven other toons go on a quest to Cog Nation. Gyro Gearloose encounters Harold Johnson (Doom) for the first time. The Shadow awakes and takes control of Evina's body. Cog Nation is destroyed along with every cog. Evina brings back the dipped toons with the pencil. Gyro returns to Toontown.
Nov. – Evina moves to Duckburg. Doom makes preparation for the return of Toons to Earth.
Dec. – Harry and his wife, Clara, retire to the Paradise Islands.

16 ACI
Jul. – The events of Graphite happen. Evina, Gyro, Glue Stick, and Kate go on a quest to Earth. It ends with the battle of Disneyland. The last natural portal to the tooniverse is closed.
Aug. – The ominous clouds above Toontown do not clear away. The toons lose their sense of purpose. Crime rises dramatically.

17 ACI
Feb. – The sun is insulted by the toons' behavior. It sets and leaves Toontown in darkness permanently.
May – The crime organization s<um is founded by Alistair McKillden by consolidating several local gangs.
Sep. – The crime organization d!rt is founded in Duckburg by members of the former "Beagle Boys" and others. They begin taking control of Calisota.
Oct. – Goopy, the glitch master, announces his permanent retirement and goes into hiding.

18 ACI
Jan. – Evina meets Lily in the Toontown Central Library.
Jun. – Harry Oldman finds an ancient manuscript describing a strange, lost artifact. This sparks an expedition through the Paradise Islands that ends with the discovery of the Crystal of Yensid.

20 ACI
Aug. – Evina joins the Toontown police force and befriends Kyle and Jenny.

25 ACI
Jul. – The events of Generations happen. Evina goes alone on a final quest. Fred Johnson dies. The Shadow is defeated, and all its victims are restored to their previous state. The battle of Toontown Central results in the destruction of s<um, d!rt, and the city. The sun returns. Flippy leaves Toontown.
Aug. – Some toons travel to the west to recolonize Cogtropolis.

26 ACI
Mar. – Toontown City is founded a second time and becomes the new capital of Toontown.
May – The cogs return to Earth to reveal they are still alive without The Shadow. Some of them choose to stay in Toontown with the toons.

32 ACI
Apr. – Flippy returns to Toontown to start a new life.

35 ACI
Jun. – Kate visits Evina and his family at the new Toontown City.